August 26, 2015

Evolution Vegan Dog, Cat, and Ferret Food from Pioneers in the Industry.

I just received my 20 pound sack of Gourmet Vegan Dog Food from the vegan-owned company called Evolution Diet (based in the United States). It contains a whopping 30% plant-based protein. I happen to have scientifically proven that dogs can not only thrive on plant protein for their whole lives, but can rebuild muscle that has atrophied with only plant protein. So why violently assault and kill other animals when you can get veterinarian-approved vegan dog/cat/ferret food? 

You can offer your furry friends meals that are ethical and don't involve you participating in animal exploitation, and also avoid unimaginable disgusting slaughterhouse waste. This bag label says it is 100% complete for all life stages. No preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no saturated fat. ~ Completely cruelty-free for dogs and cats. Evolution is a pioneer in the industry; serving the vegan community since 1989. They are the only vegan company that will work with you and provide special diet formulations to help your rescued animal friends. Visit the site at

You can phone Eric at 1-651-221-9056 at no charge, with any questions about feeding dogs, cats, ferrets Evolution Diet dry kibble or wet formulations. The ingredient list seems to have it all! Everything necessary to supplement is in there, including taurine and l-carnitine, etc. I've done my research over the years, and some foods that are offered are not complete, but this product has all necessary nutrients. It meets all government requirements and is AFFCO-approved.

August 20, 2015

'Why I Will ALWAYS Be Vegan' ~ Introductory Offer ~ Help Spread the Message!

In an attempt to spread the message of the newly released paperback book: Why I will ALWAYS be vegan; 125 essays from around the world far and wide, it's AVAILABLE for $9.00 off the retail price of $12.00. 

You will pay less than $3.25 for the book including (U.S.) shipping. This is Amazon's base price, so there is no profit involved, (except for Amazon). 

You can help bring these beautifully presented pages - dedicated to the clarification and preservation of what it means to be vegan - to as many as possible. It is my hope that you will contribute a copy to your local library, and sell as many as you can to raise funds for animal rights-based vegan educational efforts, including events and festivals. Feel free to share the offer with vegan stores that might want to sell copies. 

Animal rights vegan organizations and grassroots activists can always buy the book at cost price so they can keep the profits to help with their vegan educational costs. Leave me a comment with your e-mail address requesting the permanent $9.00 off code. (Your comment will not be published, so your address will remain private.) 

"Please get this wonderful compilation of short essays from around the world and share them with your friends and family. The book is not just for vegans. Rather, it is quite literally for everybody."
"A super-powerful book that beautifully expresses the true meaning and importance of living the vegan ideal."
"These essays are so beautifully written. I absolutely love reading this book. Every person, vegan or not, should read this book."

Read more five star reviews!

This book is about the message. The vegan message. It delves into the perceptions of those who know they will ALWAYS be vegan. 

I was so uplifted reading all the essays together one day that I felt compelled to publish them in book format, as a campaign to combat the many "ex-vegan" posts I was seeing. I had not intended to publish a book. People wrote to me and requested that I do, and I made it happen with a wonderful volunteer; Angela Radich. I feel confident that you will be very happy to receive your copy in the mail and use it as a tool to inspire others.  

~ M Butterflies Katz

Be sure to order from Createspace to make use of the discount code:  5G7UQMKD

August 14, 2015

Why I will ALWAYS be vegan BOOK

Why I will Always be vegan; 125 essays from around the world is now available in paperback. The beautifully presented pages are dedicated to the clarification and the preservation of what it means to be vegan. The short essays offer insight into the perspective of committed vegans on every continent, as seen below in the list of authors. This thought-provoking book is inspirational for vegans, aspiring vegans, and non-vegans. It has taken on a life of its own with its heartfelt, truthful, and compelling message; that is enhanced by joining many essays from many nations. The imagery depicts friendship between vegan humans and other animals.


Keith Berger, South Florida, USA
Achim Stößer, Germany
Rhonda Anderson, Alberta, Canada
Angel Flinn, Hawaii, USA
Emmy James, Waikato, New Zealand
Lisa Qualls, Reston, Virginia, USA
Sun, Hawaii, USA
Light, Hawaii, USA
Roger Yates, Ireland
Jan Claus Di Blasio, Rome, Italy
Craig Cline, Salem, Oregon, USA
Tim Oseckas, Melbourne, Australia
Susan Cho, Chicago, USA
Melanie Thomet, South Africa
Butterflies Katz, New Zealand/USA
Oscar Horta, Galicia, Spain
Clinton Vernieu, Brisbane, Australia
Russell Tenofsky, California, USA
Theresa Bennett-Hayes, Oregon, USA
Rowena Poitras, Brisbane, Australia
Martha Readyoff, USA
Dan Cudahy, Colorado, USA
Mariana Cerovečki, Croatia
Julie Hammond, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Sandra Suárez Ramos, Mexico City, Mexico
Juliet Gellatley, United Kingdom
Salwa Maddad, Al-Sweida, As-Suwayda, Syria
Uday Bhobe, Mumbai, India
Petra Sindelarova, Prague, Czech Republic
Ven. Tashi Nyima, Puerto Rico
Amanda Benham, Brisbane, Australia
Brook Katz, South Florida, USA 
Bianca Zvorc Morris, Slovenia
Carol Williams, United Kingdom
Anastasia Zeller, Kazakhstan
Akiko Iwasa, Japan
Diego Andrade Yáñez, Santiago, Chile 
Cathy Duffield, Whangarei, New Zealand
Amanda Beatty, England
Daniel Bothma, Johannesburg, South Africa
Alexey Shulga, Moscow, Russia 
Peter Smith, Vancouver, Canada
Alannah Quinn, Brisbane, Australia
Ramilyn P. Delposo, Philippines
Rachel Lena, Peeblesshire, Scotland
Ruth Sanderson-Dredge, England
Patti Nyman, Toronto, Canada
Nishma Shah, Kenya/England 
Geertje and Sibbelien Geertsma, the Netherlands
Anna Bonifert, Budapest, Hungary
Isabella La Rocca, California, USA
Tumeria Langlois, Massachusetts, USA
Laura Callas, Lake Worth, Florida, USA
Dunia Arcos, Barcelona, Spain
Jodi Ford, Rowley Regis, United Kingdom
Seyfan Lederman, Australia
Marina Koltsova, Estonia
Savannah Ford, PEI, Canada
Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D., USA
Gope Suresh, Zhejiang Province, China
Paul Stevenson, Northland, New Zealand
Johneh Zha Sankar, Chennai, India
Dr. Andy Mars, PhD., California, USA
Michael Lanfield, Toronto, Canada 
Lukas Cech, Slovakia
Rune Kjær Rasmussen, Odense, Denmark
Trang Ly, Vietnam
Jennifer Nitz, USA
Alicia Lim, Singapore
Dominika Piasecka, Poland
Lisa Colvin, Salado, Texas, USA
Madhur Patel, Switzerland
Madeleine Lifsey, USA
Лана Смолина (Lana Smolina), Ukraine
Jenny Johansson, Sweden
Ana-Maria Stefania, Nicosia, Cyprus
Anke Hagen, Hanover, North Germany
Jenny Chambers, United Kingdom
Lyra Alves, Belgium
Sharon LeMay, Minnesota, USA
Andrew Begg, Bucharest, Romania 
Dr. C. Michele Martindill, New Mexico, USA 
Rohana Norgate, Melbourne, Australia
Ines Hoefling, Germany
Sandra Shama Kaur, Cairo, Egypt
Billy Leonard, Whangarei, New Zealand
Andreas Thaler, Vienna, Austria
Shlomi Hillel, Haifa, Israel
Rae Sikora, New Mexico, USA
Alfredo Kuba, California, USA
Helen Liakopoulos, Montreal, Canada
Neil Kaplan, Florida, USA
Max Stewart, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Gina Seraichyk, Rhode Island, USA
Chrissy Halliday, Sydney, Australia
Isabel Gonzalez Garcia, Lisbon, Portugal
Balabhadra Bruce Costain, USA
Douglas R. Geovanini, Brazil
Sylvia Irawati, dr, M.Gizi, Indonesia
Eriyah Flynn, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Lisa Bennett, Maidenhead, England
Oorvashi Panchoo, Republic of Mauritius
Elizabeth Wolf, Newcastle, Australia
Cameron Johnston, Ontario, Canada
Faris Said Nassoro, Kenya, Africa
Sæunn Ingibjörg, Marinósdóttir, Iceland 
С уважением, Konshina Kseniya, Russia
Angela McAninly, Australia
Samuel Gerard, California, USA
Anastasia Lipapis, ACT, Australia
Michael Bowman, New Hampshire, USA
Vicki Xirakia, Volos, Greece 
Véronique Perrot, France
Dra. Ana María Aboglio, Argentina
Taylor Wyers, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Gro Ottesen, Stavanger, Norway
Vanda Kadas, Hungary/California, USA
Janine Laura Bronson, Israel/United Kingdom/USA
Jenna Fox, Bristol, United Kingdom
Gabija Enciūtė, Vilnius, Lithuania
Ireene Viktor, Estonia
Mel Weinstein, Decatur, Illinois, USA
Munjeeta Sohal, Busan, South Korea
Chelsea Dub, Indiana, USA
Sarah O'Toole, United Kingdom
Scott Wilson, Melbourne, Australia


Evolve Campaigns, U.K.'s Rolanda ~ front cover and more.
Chelsea Dub - back cover illustration
Karrel Christopher contributed photos
Jo Frederiks - contributed artwork
C-A-L-F sanctuary U.K. - contributed photos
El Hogar Pro Vegan Sanctuary - Spain - contributed photos
Hof Butenland Sanctuary - Germany - contributed photos

Click here to read the reviews on Amazon
When you get your copy, take a photo and share it on Facebook. Buy one for your local library! Contact if you want to be a distributor or if you are a vegan educator and want to receive discount code: veganpoet (at sign)

August 11, 2015

FREE speaking event: Veganism: A Truth whose time has come ~ South Florida, September 25th

You are cordially invited to a FREE speaking event:

Veganism: A Truth whose time has come 

The public is invited to hear speaker: Butterflies (Katz), a 37 year vegan and long-term animal rights activist and educator. 
She will be speaking on vegan living with a Question & Answer session. ~~ Butterflies has been a member-volunteer for Gentle World, a vegan community and educational center for 3 decades. During those years, she was a principle contributor to Gentle World's cookbook, Incredibly Delicious: Recipes for a New Paradigm and a head chef at The Vegan Restaurant in Maui, Hawaii. As a pioneer and expert in successfully transitioning dogs to a vegan diet, she is the co-starter and administrator of the Facebook group: Vegan Dog Nutrition

Butterflies is the editor of the newly-released book

Why I Will Always Be Vegan: 125 Essays from Around the World

Its beautifully presented pages are dedicated to the clarification and the preservation of what it means to be vegan.  ~ 
Available for sale at the event. 

FREE admission and vegan food shared by 
Inika Foods and recipes from Incredibly Delicious 

Friday September 25th, 2015 at Tamarac Community Ctr​. 

Paradise Ballroom​ ~ ​954.­597­-3620 ~ 8601 W. Commercial Blvd. Tamarac     

5:00-7:30 meet, greet and eat - Presentation at 7:30

RSVP to Butterflies by September 20th