June 25, 2016

Help The South Florida VeganFest reach it's goal of $1000 in donations

Hello Friends
It's not my usual thing to ask for donations, but I wanted to host a FREE-to-the-Public
Vegan Educational Event and Celebration of Veganism. The event is run by volunteers and 
is being coordinated by M. Butterflies Katz; long term vegan; animal rights advocate. 

Costs are covered thanks to grants from A Well-Fed-World and The Pollination Project. 
I now need to hire some local vegan chefs to help with feeding the public on that day. I am seeking another $1000 in donations. I want the event to be FREE and not about making money, but about making vegans. I'm counting on donations/sponsors/grants. I have been pleasantly surprised by some of my awesome animal rights vegan facebook friends!  Thank-you from the top of my heart! 

We will get footage for social media, so you can all check it out!

I just created this fund-raising project; never did this before. A bit nervous about it. But giving it a try. Has anyone had any experience with this YouCaring fundraising site? Okay,
I'm already tired of seeing "zero" if you can help, please do!

More info about event here:
South Florida VeganFest

FREE Book Promotion June 27th to July 1st

FREE Book Promotion
June 27th to July 1st
Buy the e-book for FREE from Amazon

If you have met one vegan; you've not met them all.


I'm a vegan lifer ~ Coby Siegenthaler

I'm a vegan kid ~ Marc Bernstein

I'm a vegan vegan ~ Achim Stößer
I'm a vegan human ~ Fiona Oakes
I'm a vegan Asian-American ~ Doris Lin, Esq.
I'm a vegan antinatalist ~ Marcus Dredge
I’m a vegan “Golden Rule-r” ~ Craig Cline
I’m a vegan dietitian ~ Amanda Benham
I'm a vegan abolitionist ~ Keith Berger
I'm a vegan bisexual ~ Nicole Thomson
I’m a vegan activist ~ Mo Orr
I'm a vegan introvert ~Jenny Chambers
I'm a vegan ecofeminist ~ Rachelle Howard
I’m a vegan philosopher ~ Ashling McEvaddy
I’m a vegan egalitarian ~ Hayley Howard
I'm a vegan rescuer ~ Emily-Kate Robertson
I'm a vegan soul ~ Suzanne Hanson
I'm a vegan human-being ~ Georgia Scott
I'm a vegan educator ~ Andy Mars, Ph.D
I'm a vegan boy ~ Danny Cohen
I’m a vegan pacifist ~ Rose Elliot
I'm a vegan broadcaster ~ Bob Linden
I'm a vegan, evolved ~ Carl Scott
I'm a vegan atheist ~ Barbara Noon
I'm a vegan socialist ~ Greg McFarlane
I'm a vegan pioneer ~ Megan E. Gallagher, Esq.
I’m a vegan anarchist ~Tessa Koekemoer
I'm a vegan punk ~ Mariana Cerovecki
I’m a vegan atheist ~ Robson Fernando de Souza
I'm a vegan animal rights advocate ~ David Cantor
I'm a vegan multiverse ~ Korina Knudson
I'm a vegan student ~ Danielle Gonzalez
I'm a vegan teen ~ Tikara Nothnagel
I’m a vegan pagan ~ Monica Lucas
I'm a vegan Buddhist ~ Dunia Arcos
I'm a vegan social worker ~ Sam Keaton
I'm a vegan artist ~ Karrel Christopher
I'm a vegan writer ~ Daria Zeoli
I’m a vegan abolitionist ~ Tara Maher
I'm a vegan anarchist ~ Abhijit Muduganti
I'm a vegan peacenik ~ Butterflies Katz
I’m a vegan futurist ~ Mark Turner
I'm a vegan writer ~ Lynley Tulloch
I'm a vegan mother ~ Dorota Nocun
I’m a vegan vet ~ Andrew Knight, D.V.M.
I'm a vegan visionary ~ Karen Call
I'm a vegan antinatalist ~ Aaron M.
I'm a vegan mother ~ Marty Davey
I'm a vegan Catholic ~ Theresa Göttl Brightman
I'm a vegan fruitarian ~ Tuya Lenga
I'm a vegan hippie ~ Norine Jameson
I'm a vegan teacher ~ Ida Koric
I'm a vegan gardener ~ Kate Bowry
I'm a vegan all-around ~ Dr. Moses Seenarine
I'm a vegan politician ~ Jessica McCallum-Miller
I'm a vegan teen ~ Xander Helmer
I’m a vegan fashion-designer ~ Kirsten Hughes
I’m a vegan fattie ~ Emma Henry
I'm a vegan artist ~ Sandra Suárez Ramos
I'm a vegan individual ~ Jennifer Nitz
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I'm a vegan empath ~ Anne Kirkwood
I'm a vegan human-being – Elaine Silver
I'm a vegan lover ~ John Ulvang
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I'm a vegan advocate ~ Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D
I'm a vegan human ~ Edmund Handby
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I'm a vegan extremist ~ Karen Call
I'm a vegan 16 year old ~ Tikara Nothnagel
I'm a vegan idealist ~ Danielle Gonzalez
I'm a vegan multifaceted person ~ Joshua Melchizedek

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June 10, 2016

Speakers: South Florida VeganFest 2016

with questions and answers
12:00 - 1:00 (large room)

Michael A. Klaper, M.D. is a 1972 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, with post-graduate training in internal medicine, surgery, anesthesiology, and orthopedics at the University of British Columbia hospitals in Vancouver and obstetrics at the University of California, San Francisco. ~ Dr. Klaper has practiced acute care medicine in Hawaii, Canada, California, Florida and New Zealand. Far more fulfilling to him is his current practice, focusing on health-promoting food and lifestyle choices to help people stay out of hospitals and off of operating tables. He has authored numerous articles on plant-based nutrition as well as two books on the subject (no longer in print.) ~ A long-time radio host and a pilot, Dr. Klaper has served as nutrition advisor to NASA’s programs for space colonists on the Moon and Mars and on the Nutrition Task Force of the American Medical Students Association. ~ To minimize suffering of all sentient beings and to improve the health of his patients as well as his own, Dr. Klaper adopted a vegan diet and lifestyle in 1981. He currently practices nutritionally-based medicine at True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, California.

Film debut: Vegan Voices

A collection of film clips edited and arranged by
Angel Flinn; Outreach Director Gentle World
2:00 - 3:00 (large room)

Casey Taft, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine

Author and Vegan Book Publisher

(Vegan Publisher books will be available for purchase at the VeganFest)

Presentation: Motivational Methods for Animal Advocacy
3:15 - 4:15 (large room)

Elizabeth DeCoux 
Attorney and Professor of Law

Elizabeth DeCoux has taught animal law for more than 15 years. She teaches Animal Rights and the Law at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. She has also taught animal rights law at Indiana University School of Law and Florida Coastal School of Law. Vegan for nearly a decade, Professor DeCoux has spoken at numerous animal rights conferences both in United States and abroad. Her publications focus on the changes in the law that are needed for animals to be recognized as persons, instead of incorrectly categorized as property. She lives in Jacksonville, Fl., with her wife and six rescued dogs and cats.

Presentation: 12:00 - 12:30 (smaller speaker room)
From Property to Persons: The Progress of the Animal Rights Movement

Sarah K. Woodcock 
Founder and Executive Director (volunteer)

Sarah is an adopted Korean-American vegan. She lives in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota in the United States, with her husband and adopted nonhuman animals. 

Presentation:Veganism and Social Justice:Taking a Pro-Intersectional Approach
11:00 - 11:50 - larger room
Presentation:  Unequivocal Vegan Advocacy
12:35 - 1:05 - smaller room

Keith Berger
South Florida Vegan Education Group 

Keith has been vegan since 2004 and believes in creative, non-violent, unequiVOCAL vegan education as the means of creating a world in which veganism is the moral baseline for our treatment of individuals of other species. In 2013, together with Elena Brodskaya, Keith co-founded South Florida Vegan Education Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to public education on veganism, animal rights and ethics with the goals of abolishing all forms of animal exploitation and oppression, and eliminating the status of animals as chattel property. 

Presentation: Striking at the Root: Vegan Education as Activism
2:00 - 3:00 (smaller speaker room)

Via Skype: Michael Budkie

Michael is the co-founder and Executive Director of SAEN; Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!, which works exclusively on the animal experimentation issue by successfully terminating research projects, forcing the USDA to take legal action against laboratories, and coordinating release of animals into sanctuaries. He has been published and travels extensively, appearing on TV and radio programs to expose the truth about animal experimentation. SAEN is a non-profit (vegan, nonviolent) organization working towards the total liberation of animals from laboratories.

Presentation: The $14 Billion Hoax - Correcting the Myths and Combating the Propaganda. As taxpayers  and consumers, we have the right to know how our government is wasting millions on outdated animal research. Learn how these labs are squandering your hard-earned money, all the while making you believe that they are "well-regulated" and "humane" when nothing could be further from the truth. No graphic images or content. 
11:00 - 11:50 (smaller speaker room)

Eriyah Flynn 
Founder: Vegan Shift

Eriyah is a decorated USAF Desert Storm Era Veteran, with a 20+year career in Project/Operations Management in Logistics, Telecom, Legal/Law Enforcement, Health Care, and Renewable Energy Development in both government and private sectors. She was born and raised in Southern California and considered herself an environmentalist and animal lover.  However, she did not begin to make the vegan connection to be consistent with both values until 1996. Over the course of her experience with multiple social justice movements, she saw gaps in the vegan animal rights movement’s strategies and decided to apply her professional knowledge and expertise and two decades of seasoned vegan advocacy to develop and launch a new non-profit organization in 2014, Eriyah lives in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

Presentation: 3:05 - 4:00 (smaller speaker room) 
Vegan Verbal Aikido is shifting energy of negativity and rejection of veganism, by redirecting and inspiring non/pre-vegans into seriously considering and/or pursuing veganism. Using subtle, yet important, nuances in language and relational skills to compel people towards veganism while using unequivocal vegan messaging in our methodologies.  

Dr. Moses Seenarine 

Dr. Seenarine is a graduate of Columbia University and a former Assistant Professor at Hunter College, New York. He is a vegan father and activist, founder of Climate Change 911, and author of Meat Climate Change (2016). Dr. Seenarine has produced several documentaries on Marti Kheel and ecofeminism, sexism and carnism, food justice, and race and class in the animal rights movement. His work on gender, caste and migration has been cited by the FAO, UNESCO, Human Rights Watch, Anti-Slavery International, the Institute for the Study of Labor, World Council of Churches, and many others. 

Presentation: 10:00 - 10:55 (smaller speaker room)
Global warming is advancing rapidly, yet most businesses and the general public are operating as if nothing has changed. And governments are also not taking serious action to curb their national footprints. The good news is the adoption of plant-based diets can stop climate chaos! The bad news is that climate and food denial are major barriers. This presentation discusses the links between climate denial among the general public and denial among climate scientists and government officials regarding farmed animals and global warming. To avoid climate catastrophe, going plant-based is as important as adopting alternative energy to reduce planetary warming emissions.

Sally Sanders, MS. 

Sally is an advocate for animal rights and for the holistic benefits of a vegan lifestyle. She currently serves as a Humane Educator with the Ethical Choices Program, raising awareness of the environmental, health, and ethical impacts of animal agriculture. Her credentials include an MS degree in Science Education from Montana State University, and BS degree in Agriculture from the University of Florida. She has 20 years of experience as a secondary science teacher in Florida public schools and ten years of leadership with the state Department of Education, including serving as the state K-12 science curriculum specialist. She is certified as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator from the Mainstream Vegan Academy. 

Presentation: 4:05 - 5:00 (smaller speaker room)
Ethical Choices: Bringing Humane Education into the Classroom

M. Butterflies Katz

Butterflies; the organizer of the South Florida VeganFest, will conclude the day's activities with some final words. As a vegan of nearly 38 years, she is an animal RIGHTS advocate, and a volunteer member of Gentle World for over three decades. She is the publisher of Why I will ALWAYS be vegan; 125 essays from around the world. She resides in New Zealand where she volunteers for Gentle World's educational center, teaching visitors from all over the world about vegan living and vegan-organic gardening. Butterflies maintains that we should take the vegan ethic as far as we are capable, to avoid all participation with and demand for animal exploitation. Visit her blog: Veganism: A Truth Whose Time has come.
Presentation: 4:20 - 5:00 (larger room)

Food Demo/Presentations

Evelisse Capó holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and practices as a health and nutrition educator, lifestyle coach and vegan plant-based cooking instructor in Southwest Florida where she has resided since 2005. She completed a Bachelor's degree in Science at Purdue University and Pharm D. training at the Philadelphia College of Science. While practicing clinical pharmacy, she witnessed the pain and suffering of many cancer and heart disease patients in hospitals and long-term care institutions. After questioning the effectiveness of the conventional approach to treating chronic conditions, Evelisse switched to a eating a whole food vegan diet. She enjoys creating wholesome recipes inspired by her Puerto Rican roots with a vegan twist. Dr. Capó has completed continuing education in plant-based nutrition, including the eCornell T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Certification, The Wellness Forum Certified Health Educator Program, and VEGEDINE Vegetarian Nutrition Training. Evelisse offers health coaching and “Plants over Pills” workshops through her consulting practice, The Food Pharmacy. She also teaches PCRM’s Food for Life Program, facilitates CHIP  (Complete Health Improvement Program), and is an instructor for the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Dr. Capó was also involved in the GEICO Workplace Nutrition Study coordinated by the Washington Center for Clinical Research. This research study provided evidence of the power of a low-fat plant based diet in managing diabetes and weight loss. Together with her husband and business partner Sig, Evelisse has raised their four vegan children with an understanding and love for healthy whole plant foods. As a family, they work together to bring awareness about the benefits of a plant-strong lifestyle for health, animal welfare, and the environment. For more information about Dr. Capo and the Food Pharmacy, check out her website

Presentation: 10:00 - 11:00 (larger room, near stage)
Quick and Easy Vegan Meals

Brook Katz has been a vegan for over 30 years. He realized that talking to people about veganism was not enough and came to the conclusion that you can't just tell them, you have to show them. Brook became a chef in order to combine his message of science and food to the public. It's a lot easier to get people to change if they have something to replace what the think they are losing. Brook believes that once they understand the science and reasoning behind our anatomy's herbivorous design that the compassion and ethical side of veganism will also come through. It's all one package and the more you understand it, the easier it is to accomplish it. Brook has authored several cookbooks and has lectured worldwide on vegan topics. Come and join Brook from 10:00 to 11:00 as he turns the blandest substance on earth into sweet treats, savory dressings and sauces, and spicy chewy entrees all using the same basic ingredient.

Presentation: 10:00 - 11:00 (larger room, near kitchen)
100 and more things to do with TOFU - food demo and lecture

June 5, 2016

Because I'm Female

Because I'm Female Because I'm female, my body and breast feel for a cow and her life of unrest. Because I'm female, I'm filled with disdain at using sisters for financial gain. Because I'm female, I'm upset at how insemination is forced on a cow. Because I'm female, it's awful to see cows impregnated artificially. Because I'm female, I see why they mourn when somebody steals their cherished newborn. Because I'm female, I'm saddened to think male infants are killed for the dairy we drink. Because I'm female, I naturally know cow's milk is meant for a young calf to grow. Because I'm female, my belief is strong: Dairy consumption is sexist and wrong. by Butterflies Katz

June 1, 2016

Forest Friends - Poem / Photos taken when living in a forest with forest animals

Golden and a deer of the Kaibab Forest
ground squirrel Kaibab Forest friend eating cantaloupe seeds
Ground squirrel eats organic spelt berries from my hand
Kaibab Forest chipmunk and ground squirrel eating from my hand
Forest Friends

Ground squirrels and chipmunks abound,
Conversing by a clicking sound.
Their little eyes and my eyes meet
They ask me for something to eat.
They reach and grab a seed from me,
and eat it so adorably!
They grab some more and stuff their cheeks
with surplus for the coming weeks.
With cheeks like pouches that stretch wide,
They dash with their seed stash, to hide,
to store in holes for the winter,
A skillful stretcher and sprinter,
These animated gymnastic gems...
stand tall and pull Lupine stems.

Butterflies hand feeding a deer -  the Kaibab Forest
A wild deer approaches near,
Lets me pet her from head to rear!
By hand, I share the rinds of fruit
She seems to have a mind, astute
She knows exactly whom to trust
Our daily visits are a must.
A porcupine climbing a tree,
stops to get acquainted with me.
And even though he has sharp quills,
It’s 'gentleness' that he instills.
Then I see birds that fly with flair
Hummingbirds suspended in air!
They glide with ease from tree to tree
It’s really quite a sight to see.

The cutest cottontail, so shy,
freezes in fear and then darts by.
The fastest, fluffy, furry ball;
Softest and sweetest friend of all.
Running around my tent-made house;
A cross between rabbit and mouse!
The tent was set right near some holes...
belonging to a pair of voles.
They run around, helter-skelter,
Then quickly run back to shelter.

A ground squirrel found my avocado
In the woods we live together,
Peaceful friends of fur and feather,
Sharing life harmoniously,
My forest friends speak through me:
“Save our home and treat us with care,
Earth is the planet we all share!”
A joy; on which my soul depends
is sharing the forest with these FRIENDS.

by Butterflies
Long-term vegan; animal rights advocate

(Ironically, their home, the part of the Kaibab forest that
we lived in, was devastated by a preventable forest fire
that the "forest management people" chose not to put out
and it burned down their home and ours.
Gentle World co-founder; Light and Braveheart / Kaibab Forest

May 16, 2016

100+ Photos ~ VEGAN -Signs-of-the-Times

 100 Vegan 'Signs of the Times' from around the world

Animal Rights protesters; Hebrew and Arab together 
300 Vegans for Independence/Vegan
sign on a park bench
Vegan street education, Ireland
Roof sign from Invercargill Vegan Society, New Zealand
Animal Liberation, Victoria, Australia
Toronto Pig Save, Toronto, Canada
The words 'go vegan' in the flooring of a vegan shop
Cruelty-Free Shop, Australia - window display
Direct Action Everywhere street protest
Elizabeth Collins street stall, NZ vegan, New Zealand
Manchester U.K. street activism
Asking for New Year's Resolution from bridge/highway
Meaningful, at least, graffiti - or who knows, maybe they wanted it there. 
My vegan restaurant's wall
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary Campaign, USA
Shout it from the rooftop!
Street sign protest ~ Lisa Qualls - USA
English translation - No Racism, No Sexism, No Speciesism
Educational stall ~ Emmy James, Peaceful Abolitionist, New Zealand
From the top of a roof in Australia
Sign painted on car that was in a parade ~ Vegan Society of Peace, Texas, USA
Valentines' Day Campaign
Melbourne, Australia street corner vegan education
Alice Springs Vegan Society, Australia 
Stop Specisism ~ Stop - Croatia
Professor Roger Yates, long term vegan, animal RIGHTS-based vegan advocate, Ireland
Jenny of Invercargill Vegan Society, New Zealand - taking it to the streets.
Sign on bus in British Columbia, Canada/ Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary campaign