January 3, 2016

Pollination Project's Announcement: Butterflies Katz's South Florida VeganFest 2016

The Pollination Project has awarded me a grant to coordinate a South Florida VeganFest 2016 (late August, early Sept.)

Check out their link:

The focus will be vegan education and animal RIGHTS.

Get in touch if you want to participate or have any ideas for vendor tables (free to vendors offering free samples to the public), speaker with credentials who can draw a crowd, etc.

Email M. Butterflies Katz - veganpoet (at sign)

* Seeking a professional to make a video of the event for social media. We will pay $100 plus goodies. 

December 20, 2015

Customer REVIEWS ~ Why I will ALWAYS be vegan BOOK

To write a review on Amazon, one needs to be a verified purchaser of the book. Not a bad review in the bunch and all were 5 out of 5 stars!  (Kindle version has no photos.

No other book like this out there
By Gene Gordon - October 6, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
A tremendous collection of interesting, heartfelt and inspiring statements from dozens of people around the world. Short statements - only one page long and so we zip through this beautiful book. Beautiful because it also contains some very fine photos of people and animals in love. I wish everybody I know would read it.

The Vegan Truth
By Bonnie E. Croker - September 1, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This book is a must read for vegans and anyone who is considering becoming one. In fact I believe it will convert many people who never considered or doubted the value of veganism. Each essay was written with passion and conviction. Each one uniquely sheds light on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the vegan truth. The truth is, the misery and suffering humanity inflicts upon animals is wrong. There can be no peace on earth until all sentient beings are respected and free to live their lives. There is no superior species. There is only one species who falsely believes in their own superiority. Read this book. It will grip your soul.

What it truly really means to be a vegan
By A Jon - April 19, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This book helps me relate to so many people around the world. A lot of these essays are able to say in the perfect words what I could never really describe feeling as a vegan, helping me to understand my feelings better, introspect, and be in a better position to talk to other people about veganism. ~ For NON-VEGANS, this is a great book to read because it gives you true insight into why people actually choose to live a vegan life. What you find may be actually VERY different from what you ever thought veganism is about. Neither is veganism an exclusive club, an elitist group, or cult, nor it is some mystical, ascetic practice that is supposed to be hard to do. Anyone and everyone can easily start being vegan. People from all sorts of professions, ethnicities, countries, age groups, and societies are going vegan all the time. Firefighters, lawyers, 3-year olds, 60-year olds, teachers, engineers, name it! I hope you'll read this book to undo all the misrepresentation of veganism that has been spread by celebrities and other health/nutrition/diet personalities. ~ And of course for vegans, this is a great read as well. Just through the simple pages of a book, you become instantly connected at a beautiful level to all those other people around the world that have come to the same basic realization as yourself.

Written by an activist who knows her stuff!
By Rima Jomaa - March 16, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Wonderful editor and beautiful essays. Highly recommend this and all works by the author Butterflies Katz.

A moving collection of essays.
By Nikki -January 2, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
These essays are so beautifully written. I absolutely love reading this book. Excellent work! Every person, vegan or not should read this book.

It is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read!
By Irx - 9 November 2015
Format: Paperback
It is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read! Reading it I constantly felt like: "This essay is so good, I completely agree. Oh, this is even better, I want to share this. No, I'll share that one. No this one. Oh wait, this is good too! Oh, I can't decide...But what I can do is tell you to read it too! I think from now on every time I feel sad or overwhelmed by our world that is not becoming vegan quick enough, I'll just open this book and read any essay. Because then I will know that there are lots of people all over the world who do care and who are doing everything they can to make the world a better place for everyone. I love the design of the book but I wish it would be smaller. I would love to carry it around with me and put in in my bag, so that I could read it wherever and whenever.

Trust me - read it!
By Jedward Vegan - January 12, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Very touching! A book for literally everyone. helps to understand Veganism so much : )

Why I will ALWAYS be vegan .....
By jacqueline - 4 October 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Great book. Nice to read at bedtime because each account is basically one page long. Great to know how each individual's epiphany occurred. Anyone contemplating the vegan step should read this book. Just bought a second copy for a friend.

Really enjoyed it, inspiring
By Susan H. Pitcairn - December 20, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Excellent, inspiring read. The author did a great job of contacting and getting the stories of diverse vegans from all around the world. Really liked reading it, nice photos too.

A fine book for EVERYBODY!
By Craig Cline -August 3, 2015
Format: Paperback
People who choose to embrace a vegan lifestyle have much in common with most others; especially in recognizing the right of all sentient animals to be treated with respect and justice. Vegans take this widely accepted philosophy to a higher level -- by not consuming, wearing, using, or otherwise exploiting animals as far as reasonably possible. ~ As the author states in her introduction: "It was an unexpected pleasure to see that those who have a deep understanding of the vegan ideal emerged from every corner of the globe, demonstrating that the commitment to being vegan is a phenomenon taking root from Portland to Poland, from Hollywood to Hawaii, and even in countries with economies largely based on animal exploitation." ~ Further, she notes that veganism is "a philosophy that is beneficial for the whole, inclusive of the entire planet and all its inhabitants, and a hope for our future." Indeed it is. ~ Please get this wonderful compilation of short essays from around the world and share them with your friends and family. The book is not just for vegans. Rather, it is quite literally for everybody.

A super-powerful book that beautifully expresses the true meaning and importance of living the vegan way of life.
By Sun -July 22, 2015
Format: Paperback
A super-powerful book that beautifully expresses the true meaning and importance of living the vegan ideal. I am confident that it will serve as an inspiration to take this most important, evolutionary step toward a peaceful world.

This is a truly Beautiful book of great diversity and ethical devotion to Justice ...
By SaSa Silver - December 12, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This is a truly Beautiful book of great diversity and ethical devotion to Justice for All Beings on Earth. Thank you so much Butterflies Katz and EveryOne who contributed. 

Buy several copies -you will want to share this book with others
By Paul Wright -September 25, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase 
This is a wonderful book of thoughtful essays on compassion for animals and the joy that comes from being vegan. They will make you think, they will make you cry. This is a book you will want to share and it is a good gift for vegans and non-vegans alike.

page from book

So many memorable quotes I'll use over and over again!
By Big Cat Advocat - September 23, 2015
Format: Paperback
I've only gotten halfway through the book and I've already highlighted so many memorable quotes that my book is very yellow inside. It's nice being able to read what this lifestyle means to so many others, too. Having changed to a vegan life about 5 years ago, it's the best decision I've ever made. Knowing no animal suffers in order for me to share this planet with them and having the best health check-ups ever proves over and over to me that this is the solution for all the misery and suffering we see today around us. I'm so thankful I ordered this book and I hope it inspires others to make the leap!

By Christina - August 31, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
An eye opener for the non-vegans and an inspiration for the vegans. I loved it and I hope many people will feel the love and compassion expressed this book.

A good read for anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle
By Peggy Glascoe -June 16, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Very nicely edited compilation of thoughts on being vegan and how it changes lives. Interesting for anyone, vegan or not. Note the common themes! Fascinating.

By Kaiserinon - 3 October 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Moving and inspiring essays. exactly what I was looking for.

By Angela - April 21, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Love it!

By royleslass - 6 December 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Fabulous book, because I will always be Vegan!!!

good to read!
Bymc1- on October 22, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Great book, very compassionate.

Purchase the book links:

On Createspace


American Vegan Society

Fishpond Australia

Amazon U.K.

Amazon - Canada

Amazon - Japan

Amazon - Germany

If you are a shop or organization or activist and want a discount code - email veganpoet (at sign)

December 2, 2015

South Florida VeganFest 2016 made possible by a Pollination Project grant

I have been awarded a grant from Pollination Project to host a South Florida VeganFest in summer or early September 2016, when I am in South Florida and can coordinate the event.

There is a facebook group to join for anyone who wants to be on the volunteer committee. Since this is a vegan educational event, all volunteers are required to be vegan for the animals, beyond diet as far as they are capable, as a position of non participation in animal exploitation.

The South Florida VeganFest will be FREE to the public. Free samples, free meal, free educational materials, and free to the vendors who set up offering free samples to the public. In some cases, we can assist with food costs to local vegan restaurants, bakeries, etc., thanks to the grant from Pollination Project. We want all South Florida vegan restaurants, bakeries, stores to set up a table and promote their business. 

Please offer ideas and if you want to have a table at this event, contact Butterflies Katz ~

We are seeking:

Vegan businesses to set up a table promoting their 100% vegan products. We will have volunteers to represent the product and offer samples, or you can send your own (vegan) representative. We want vegan food products where we can offer tasting, as well as vegan dog/cat food products, vegan toiletries, vegan shoes/clothing, etc. For example, we want a V-dog table, an Evolution Diet table, an ABC cookie table, a Tofurky table, etc. 

A professional video made of the event for social media, and we can pay $100 and free meal and gifts. 

A professional photographer

Professionals to do food preparation demo

100% vegan product free samples to offer the public. We will have a display table of vegan products and free samples.

We also need donations of vegan food staples (flour, beans, grains, vegan cheeses, vegan margarine, etc.) from businesses that will sponsor this event. If you need a donation receipt from a 501 c 3 non profit organization, we can provide that. We can display your products as well on the display table. 

If you have suggestions for this one day, all day, vegan educational event - get in touch. 

Please do not bring promotional materials for your organization without running it by Butterflies. We already have a vegan educational table offering vegan educational pamphlets.

We need a donation of recycled or non-tree, non-one-use utensils and plates - for the day of the event. And we will promote any company that provides us with this.

Help with advertising, to help spread the word of the event. 

Any questions, suggestions, or those who want to reserve a table for the event, please email Butterflies Katz at

October 1, 2015

Vegan of the Year Award 2015

I woke up one morning to receive congratulatory notices on my Facebook profile stating that I had won 'Vegan of the Year' Award. I didn't even know I was nominated! 

September 29, 2015

FREE public Vegan Educational Event ~ Tamarac, Florida September 25th, 2015 ~ Butterflies Katz speaker

On September 25th, 2015, I co-produced and spoke at an event that was FREE to the public and included a free meal and dessert. My presentation was entitled the ABC's of Veganism. At the time of this event, I am a few days away from my 58th birthday and my 37th Veganniversary. The presentation explained that veganism is ... anti-speciesism, animal rights, nonviolence, respect for animals, harming less, a social justice movement, etc. It was very well received by 100-150 South Floridians. While I'm no super athlete or babe, I have been living without any "meat" for 46 years, living without demanding animal exploitation for food, clothing, products and practices for 37 years - and doing just fine! Forty-five years ago, they all said to me "you will die; where will you get your protein" - but I didn't die and I have no illnesses and don't take pharmaceuticals. They were wrong. We CAN live vegan - therefore we should. It makes no sense to unnecessarily choose to exploit, violently assault, and kill other feeling and conscious animals. However, the presentation was by me, but not about me. It was about animal RIGHTS theory and the fundamentals of veganism. The age range of the audience was from 7 to 70's and very receptive, as we volunteers showered them with love, Vegan Truth, and good vegan food and gifts. We had a table of (abolitionist) vegan literature and Keith and Elena offered education and support; representing South Florida Vegan Support Group. 

If you are on Facebook, see more event photos here:

Watch video footage of the speech by Butterflies

September 28, 2015

I'm a Vegan; One Movement, Many Voices ~ Newly Released E-Book

This compelling anthology of over one hundred short essays reveals that vegans come in all colors, sizes, nationalities, ages, and a myriad of philosophies. Vegans may identify as an abolitionist, anarchist, egalitarian, ecofeminist, anti-sexist, anti-consumerist, socialist, philosopher, or animal rights advocate. They may define themselves as a kid, teacher, social worker, vet, dietitian, lawyer, punk, artist, writer, even an ex-animal farmer. Vegans may be a vegan-lifer or a late-starter. They may be vegan mothers or anti-natalists. They may be Christian or vehemently anti-theist. They may be super athletes or not. While highlighting diversity among vegans, the compilation also shines a light on the golden thread that binds all vegans together. This compilation is a mind-expanding and inspirational read for vegans and non-vegans. 

If you have met one vegan; you've not met them all. 


I'm a vegan lifer ~ Coby Siegenthaler
I'm a vegan kid ~ Marc Bernstein
I'm a vegan vegan ~ Achim Stößer
I'm a vegan human ~ Fiona Oakes
I'm a vegan Asian-American ~ Doris Lin, Esq.
I'm a vegan antinatalist ~ Marcus Dredge
I’m a vegan “Golden Rule-r” ~ Craig Cline
I’m a vegan dietitian ~ Amanda Benham
I'm a vegan abolitionist ~ Keith Berger
I'm a vegan bisexual ~ Nicole Thomson
I’m a vegan activist ~ Mo Orr
I'm a vegan introvert ~Jenny Chambers
I'm a vegan ecofeminist ~ Rachelle Howard
I’m a vegan philosopher ~ Ashling McEvaddy
I’m a vegan egalitarian ~ Hayley Howard
I'm a vegan rescuer ~ Emily-Kate Robertson
I'm a vegan soul ~ Suzanne Hanson
I'm a vegan human-being ~ Georgia Scott
I'm a vegan educator ~ Andy Mars, Ph.D
I'm a vegan boy ~ Danny Cohen
I’m a vegan pacifist ~ Rose Elliot
I'm a vegan broadcaster ~ Bob Linden
I'm a vegan, evolved ~ Carl Scott
I'm a vegan atheist ~ Barbara Noon
I'm a vegan socialist ~ Greg McFarlane
I'm a vegan pioneer ~ Megan E. Gallagher, Esq.
I’m a vegan anarchist ~Tessa Koekemoer
I'm a vegan punk ~ Mariana Cerovecki
I’m a vegan atheist ~ Robson Fernando de Souza
I'm a vegan animal rights advocate ~ David Cantor
I'm a vegan multiverse ~ Korina Knudson
I'm a vegan student ~ Danielle Gonzalez
I'm a vegan teen ~ Tikara Nothnagel
I’m a vegan pagan ~ Monica Lucas
I'm a vegan Buddhist ~ Dunia Arcos
I'm a vegan social worker ~ Sam Keaton
I'm a vegan artist ~ Karrel Christopher
I'm a vegan writer ~ Daria Zeoli
I’m a vegan abolitionist ~ Tara Maher
I'm a vegan anarchist ~ Abhijit Muduganti
I'm a vegan peacenik ~ Butterflies Katz
I’m a vegan futurist ~ Mark Turner
I'm a vegan writer ~ Lynley Tulloch
I'm a vegan mother ~ Dorota Nocun
I’m a vegan vet ~ Andrew Knight, D.V.M.
I'm a vegan visionary ~ Karen Call
I'm a vegan antinatalist ~ Aaron M.
I'm a vegan mother ~ Marty Davey
I'm a vegan Catholic ~ Theresa Göttl Brightman
I'm a vegan fruitarian ~ Tuya Lenga
I'm a vegan hippie ~ Norine Jameson
I'm a vegan teacher ~ Ida Koric
I'm a vegan gardener ~ Kate Bowry
I'm a vegan all-around ~ Dr. Moses Seenarine
I'm a vegan politician ~ Jessica McCallum-Miller
I'm a vegan teen ~ Xander Helmer
I’m a vegan fashion-designer ~ Kirsten Hughes
I’m a vegan fattie ~ Emma Henry
I'm a vegan artist ~ Sandra Suárez Ramos
I'm a vegan individual ~ Jennifer Nitz
I'm a vegan traveller ~ Wendy Werneth
I'm a vegan empath ~ Anne Kirkwood
I'm a vegan human-being – Elaine Silver
I'm a vegan lover ~ John Ulvang
I'm a vegan transman ~ Aiden Blight
I'm a vegan advocate ~ Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D
I'm a vegan human ~ Edmund Handby
I'm a vegan proselytizer ~ Melissa Keller
I'm a vegan "parront" ~ Gina Seraichyk
I'm a vegan bodybuilder ~ Ally Cohen
I'm a vegan voice ~ Stephanie Hazard
I'm a vegan sportsperson ~Andrew Begg
I’m a vegan optimist ~ Lana Holmes
I'm a vegan believer ~ Charlotte Drene
I'm a vegan Albertan ~ Nicole Thomson
I'm a vegan-society-founder ~ Jordan Wyatt
I'm a vegan Buddhist ~ Albert Mah
I'm a vegan gardener ~ Carol Williams
I'm a vegan mother ~ Dubravka Vidmar
I'm a vegan Buddhist ~ Chen Li
I'm a vegan antitheist ~ Achim Stößer
I'm a vegan late-starter ~ Loretta Westbrook
I'm a vegan environmentalist ~ Kate Bowry
I'm a vegan carnivore ~ Sunny Anne Holliday
I’m a vegan naturopath ~ Kate Elliot
I'm a vegan feminist ~ Caitlin Murphy
I'm a vegan antisexist ~ Achim Stößer
I'm a vegan survivor ~ Jenny Rieck
I'm a vegan mom ~ Hilary Hedemark, Esq.
I'm a vegan trauma-survivor ~ Melissa Mitchell
I'm a vegan anti-consumerist ~ Wendy Scher
I'm a vegan man ~ Alan Preston
I'm a vegan zenpunk ~ Alexander Penley
I'm a vegan potterhead ~ Carmel Parlon
I'm a vegan atheist ~ Achim Stößer
I'm a vegan scanner ~ Peter Sharpe
I'm a vegan lighthouse ~ Jessica Davis
I’m a vegan alien ~ Oorvashi Manasweena Panchoo
I'm a vegan animal ~ Gina Seraichyk
I'm a vegan newlywed  ~ Clarissa Neudorg
I'm a vegan blogger ~ Anne E. McGuigan
I'm a vegan co-creator ~ Gope Earthling
I'm a vegan customer ~ Rachel Smith
I'm a vegan TinyHouser ~ Nina Zamudio
I'm a vegan lover ~ Petra Sindelarova
I'm a vegan extremist ~ Karen Call
I'm a vegan 16 year old ~ Tikara Nothnagel
I'm a vegan idealist ~ Danielle Gonzalez
I'm a vegan multifaceted person ~ Joshua Melchizedek

To purchase (or to share the link) worldwide (text is in English language) :


I am still accepting essays for the paperback book compilation, to come in the future. Email me for specifics. veganpoet (at sign) hotmail (dot) com