May 8, 2017


An aerial view of the look of the land in this region.
A country scene in Northland, New Zealand

If anyone is interested - 
please get in touch. 

Email: veganpoet (at sign)

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Due to a major flood, I am seeking a NEW situation. The water literally lifted my entire caravan, the roof that was cemented into the ground, and all my belonging - and carried them down river. It was traumatizing and it nearly took me too. The caravan was found downstream looking like this....

There is really no (immediate) suitable place for me to relocate on this property, but I still want to live in Northland New Zealand (and live somewhere new, at least for next season). Life in northern New Zealand is mellow, not heavily populated, beautiful scenery, a safe feeling in a scary world (unless you are a farmed animal). I've lived here 17 years.

I thought of renting a house here in Northland and getting other vegans to share it with me, to make it affordable and fun. Are there any vegans out there who would want to share a house for at least a few months and up to 6 months and do summer in New Zealand? This would start November 2017 and continue into the new year 2018. 

I'm here now and can organize the actual dealings if I can get a couple of vegans to commit. Applicants must also agree to live clean and tidy. I will ask for some money up front (so you have to trust me) to put the bond down on any rental (that we decide together which one by looking online) (or you can give your share of the money directly to renter, if you prefer). I can go and check it out as I'm here til early August 2017. I am advertising locally for a rental or care-taking position, as well. I will go to the states to be with my family from early August to October/November 2017, when I would like to return to New Zealand. (I am a permanent resident of New Zealand, and still a citizen of the U.S.) It may end up that I have to stay in the U.S. but I'm seriously hoping an acquaintance or two will want to be part this mutually beneficial creation. I need the help, financially and (vegan) friend-wise. I am already situated here to make it all happen logistically, and I'm trustworthy.  

From a shared dream ... we can make a fun reality ... 
that works financially, too. I want to live with vegans
who are tidy and clean and count-on-able. If you have a vehicle 
that we can use to get supplies, you will get preference.

Hope to hear from you! ~ Butterflies (Katz)
Vegan for 38 years. Trustworthy. Long-term animal rights advocate.

This is me; holding the book I published
'Why I will ALWAYS be vegan; 125 Essays from Around the World'
taken at the South Florida VeganFest that I organized last year.

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